Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Fall

I LOVED this movie! Watched it the other night, and when it came on again I recorded it. The artistic vision of this film is fantastic!!!!!! For anyone who loves adventure movies with a childhood type of twist - this is a good one! (And it doesn't hurt that Lee Pace is easy to look at as well.....)

For horse lovers, they recruited some accurate exotic horses in it too. I am a huge fan of films that will go the extra mile to incorporate native specimens into their pictures. The "story" that the two main characters came up with revolves mostly around east indian culture, and wouldn't you know it - there are Marwaris in it! Fabulous!!!!! Their unmistakable curved ears and elongated skeletal structures set them apart from the other movie horses. There is also a buckskin "Teke looking" horse in the film as well. Not sure if he's a purebred or not, but he looks very close. If you haven't watched the movie yet, the buckskin can be seen in the trailer on the website.

I give this flick two thumbs up!!!! Totally awesome. =:)

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