Friday, August 26, 2011

Trail Riding Photos

Photos from our trail ride today on the Umatilla Rim trail. Cathy Gentner went with my mom and I on the ride with her horse Diamond. It was a very nice day.
Cathy and Diamond getting ready to go.

A scenic view of the distant canyons.

An old windfall tree. The branch on the far left looks like a gigantic elk horn sticking up out of the trunk. I like this tree - there is almost a natural abstract look to it.

Cathy and Diamond, happy campers. =:)

My mom and Lena - (with Tommy's gigantic ears taking up most of the picture...) Lena is a very nice horse - and is for sale.

One of my favorite pictures. It's REALLY nice to see some small green patches in eastern Oregon right now. It's the end of August and the lower lands are dry and look more like a desert. When we went further along the trail into the forest, there were some nice wild flowers that started cropping up.
Indian paintbrush.
Some sort of fuschia or purplish colored flower. Not sure what it is....
Little blue daisy looking ones.
It was a very enjoyable and relaxing ride. A nice day.

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