Thursday, August 25, 2011

Go "No Limits"!

The final night for "Expedition Impossible" is on T.V.! Go team NO LIMITS!!!! =:) For folks who haven't tuned in, the three guys on team "No Limits" are truly an inspirational trio. Eric is blind and his friend Jeff leads him along the rugged expedition terrain in Morocco - fording rivers, kayaking, jumping off of cliffs, climbing mountains, zip lining, and horseback and camel riding. To make their team even more challenged - their other team mate Ike has suffered a broken ankle along the way and hobbles along with a cast and two walking canes. Yet the team just keeps going through the challenges mile after mile.... it's amazing! Wahoo!!! Love this show. Kind-of an endurance race for people. I know that the Gypsies will probably win it, but I'm rooting for the underdogs...GO TEAM NO LIMITS!!!!

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