Sunday, February 24, 2013


I thought that readers might like to see some more pictures of gorgeous Akhal Tekes, so here goes... 

The gleaming buckskin stallion Dagat-Geli is a horse that is quite a sight to behold.  He generally makes most peoples jaws drop just a little bit.  His beauty is truly amazing.  When I first seen photos of Dagat I thought to myself, "there's the next Kambar for our generation!"  Like Tokhtamysh, Dagat is another outstanding Elite graded stallion from the Geli Studfarm in Russia. 

Kambar was the golden poster horse for a lot of the breed books over the years. I still have an old "horses of the world" book with his beautiful photo that I daydreamed over when I was a kid. 
Geli Studfarm has an impressive lineup of quality stallions.  In fact, it's difficult to find anything amidst their herd that isn't drop dead gorgeous!  Dagat has recieved a lot of photo ops due to his stunning golden glowing metallic coat and 2010 world champion status.
My favorite photo of Dagat.  Courtesy of Artur Baboev.

Outstanding conformation for the breed.  Photo courtesy of Artur Baboev.

Photo courtesy of Artur Baboev.
If I was stranded in the middle of the desert, I'd want a horse like that coming to rescue me!  Dagat looks like a shimmering oasis - or a mirage.  Photo courtesy of Artur Baboev.

Photo courtesy of Artur Baboev.

At the world championship show.  He has some height...

After winning the world championship.

The 2012 filly Danaya, by Dagat.

The 2012 colt Ulysses, by Dagat.  Photo courtesy of Artur Baboev.


  1. LOVE Dagat-Geli!!!! Thanks for posting.... I haven't seen some of those pics!

  2. Kambar!!! Can he come live at my house!! I would so love to have a Teke. I'm just not sure how well they would do here in Klamath Falls....chilly chilly in the winter.........

    And who could not love Dagat!! What a gorgeous horse!!

    I have a Kara Kush resin that has Kambar's color slated for her. I just need to strip her first and then find an artist!! Oh! And money! Gotta find that too! LOL