Friday, February 15, 2013


One of the most highly photographed exotic Akhal Teke stallions in the world, Tokhtamysh.  He's been wildly popular with photographers due to his chiseled head and hooded blue eyes.  He's an Elite graded stallion, standing at Geli Studfarm in Russia.

Photo courtesy of Artur Baboev

Photo courtesy of Artur Baboev
There are a lot of pictures of Tokhtamysh scattered throughout the web.  One of the Russian sales pages has his photo at the top header on the sires page:   And Artur Baboev's own webpage has a fabulous opening shot of him:

Tokhtamysh also passes his good looks onto his offspring as well.  This is Patma, a mare sired by Tokhtamysh.  She has inherited the hooded eyes and chiseled features of her sire.

The 2012 colt Timudjin, sired by Tokhtamysh.


  1. GAWD!!! What a GORGEOUS animal!! I am so in love with Teke's! If I had a place to keep a horse long term that was close to home I would SO be in the market for a Teke!!!

    Where did yours come from?!

  2. Yes, they are a very unique breed of horse. I am constantly amazed by their extreme beauty and amazing capabilities. =:) I'll post some more photos over the next few months of different examples. My bay gelding came from Cathy Leddy of Cascade Gold Akhal Tekes in Snohomish, WA. (You'll probably notice her comment posts here on the blog as the "Tekelady"). She always has some very nice young horses for sale if you're interested in getting into this breed. =:)