Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Well, it finally happened.  As my husband says...... I've been sucked into "ass-book".  Ha, ha. =:)

I've recently signed up on facebook to promote our horses.  If you want to check out Mayfield Farm Akhal Tekes, we're officially on there now.  The lengthy ramblings on miscellaneous topics and chatterings will still remain on this blog, though.  This is my main spouting spot when I feel like running off at the mouth....

I can always delete the facebook account if I really hate it.


  1. Went to FB to find you and can't!!!!

  2. Sorry about that....
    I'm sure that I probably have it setup wrong or something. I honestly don't know what I'm doing on there yet or how to work it.... Hopefully I can get it figured out soon!

  3. Look me up: Patti Bradshaw

    Send me a friend request.

    I'll help you out!!

  4. I looked up your name - but there's someone else with the same name located in Cambridge, Maryland. I can't seem to find you. You live in Oregon, right?

  5. Oh wait, I found you! =:) I had to go to Nibbly's page in Klamath Falls to see your posts...

  6. I have no idea how to do a friend request....

  7. Yep, I'm in Klamath!!!

    There should be an "add friend" link on my large cover photo. just click on that and it will sdend the request. I'll check back after work tonight.