Thursday, April 4, 2013

McTardys Storm

A bit of farm history....

McTardys Storm is a colt that we raised several years ago out of our old appaloosa broodmare Stormin Norma.  At one time I was really into appies and paints, (in fact, there are still a few colored horses of each breed here at our farm).  Old Norma had papers of sheer gold - royally bred to the hilt.  She was by the famous appaloosa hall of fame stallion Goer and out of a daughter of another famous hall of fame stallion Hayes Roman Cloud. 
I've never had a horse that's as exceptionally well bred as Norma was - and I probably never will again.  She was one of the last few remaining handful of Goer daughters that was still alive and producing in north america. 

Norma went on to greener pastures in 2007, but every once in awhile I will get an update from the owners of the first colt that we raised that now lives in Florida.  Tardy has done very well for owner Kellie Kauffman, and Craig and I are very proud to have raised this beautiful spotted young man.  =:)

2003.  You can only imagine how excited I was to see this VERY LOUD semi-leopard colorful little guy in our barn!  If you're a color breeder, this is a jackpot.    

And adding another layer of icing to the cake - we also welcomed our paint colt Fred (Dees Wishful Thinking) that same year.  He came out of our solid black breeding stock paint mare Miss Diana Ross.  It was a totally awesome year for color at our farm in 2003.

I nicknamed the little guy "Squirt" when he was a foal, but he became known as "Tardy" later on.
He grew into a big chunky boy.

This picture was taken shortly before I started weaning him and getting him ready to go to his new home in Florida.

A nice picture of Kellie and Tardy at a show when he was younger.  Kellie is very tall, and Tardy's size ended up fitting her very well when he was mature.

And a more recent picture of them together, starting to get into dressage.  =:)

For a complete picture gallery of Tardy, check out Kellie's website:

There's also a video of him crossing a trail bridge too:

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