Friday, April 26, 2013


My stupid facebook page has proven to be a royal pain in the butt so far.......  I'm about 2 steps away from throwing in the towel.  There are quite a few issues that I'm trying desperately to get worked out, but it's being very difficult so far (especially for someone who is brand new to facebook, and really wasn't too fond of it in the first place....)  I'm not sure if it's just because I have a brand new account, or if it's extremely slow getting into the mainstream community, or if there are some other issues going on that are totally out of my control (bugs, ect.). 

1.  Issue number one is that nobody can find me.  I've e-mailed a few people with invites and they simply can't find me anywhere on there.  The page doesn't show up on the facebook search engine, and it won't show up on google or yahoo or anywhere else either. 

2.  The other issue is that I can't "friend" anybody.  When I'm not logged onto facebook, the "friend" button magically appears on other peoples header pages - but when I am logged into it, it's simply not there.  The "like" button is the exact same way.

3.  And finally, my profile photo will only show up on my own page - but it won't show up anywhere else when I comment on other people's pages.  No matter what I do, it will not show up - and I've tried everything on the settings and profile pages to get it worked out.  Very annoying.

If I can't get things figured out in the next week or two, I'll delete the account and just start all over again.  This has has been a somewhat frustrating experience so far....


  1. 'k

    I just liked your page and it shows up in my "likes".

    Make sure you have it set to public:photos and what not.

    It is there and I can see it. May just be a glitch.....

    I know my neighbor Mary had issues with her like page at thebeginning. Maybe contact her: Mary Williams Hyde or Buckaroo Counrty.