Saturday, February 8, 2014

4X4 Snow Chickens

The Ohiki hen forgot to use her 4-wheel drive today, and got high centered!

My poor little chickens. I have a couple of varieties that aren't very well equipped for the snow. Ohiki's are a rare variety of bantam oriental longtails, and definitely don't fit the criteria of "snow birds" at all. They have very short legs (about 3 inches long), and get stuck quite easily in the snow and deep mud. I had to dig this red girl out today after she tried to make it across the barnyard enroute to the big coop. She attempted to fly for about two feet and ended up hydro-planing across the top of the snow and burying herself even further.... it was rather comical. The rest of her short-legged comrades decided not to tempt fate and stayed snuggly in the small coop. (I think that the rest of them sent her out on a scouting mission to see if she could make it or not...)

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