Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Damnit, this throws a wrench in it!  With lambing coming up I'm really not thrilled about this crappy cold weather.

Generally our area has a very pleasant February - a bit chilly at night (in the 30's and 40's) - but it usually DOES NOT snow in February around here.  Most years the damned snow is dumped in December and January and is fairly well cleared off by this time.  (But this year is turning out to be a bit of a jerk so far....)  It is 20 degrees at the moment, and the wind chill factor is expected to be a negative -10 to -15 below zero at night.

This means that I have to be much more vigilant about checking on the ewes at night, and getting less sleep.  They really hate being penned up in small enclosed areas to lamb out, so I will keep checking and hope that I won't find a baby lamb hidden in a snow drift.  For now, it appears the girls are holding them in, so I'm relieved about that.  I don't know how long this snowy weather will last....  

On a good note, the new little twin lambs are having a blast of a time.  The snow isn't affecting them at all.  They've been playing and napping in the hay piles as the big snowflakes fall.   

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