Friday, February 14, 2014

Lambs 2014

The icicles on our house were pretty impressive when the snow was here!

This little ewe lamb was popular when she was born... (in fact, she was a little bit too popular).  It became a slight problem.  I had to pen both of them up due to another ewe that kept trying to steal her away, (the one pictured on the outside of the pen).

 I walked outside immediately after the little lamb was born (in the snow), and there were two ewes huddled around her trying to imprint their mutterings to the little  newborn.  I tried shooing the imposter ewe away multiple times, but she kept coming back and trying to take the lamb from the mother.  So, I penned the pair up to keep the imposter away and get the little lamb hooked solidly to the mother.  The mother ewe was very nervous being penned up, but it worked to get them bonded together.  They are now inseparable.   

Fatty had two lovely little lambs this year.  The snow was starting to melt off by the time that these two appeared - (yay!!!!)  The solid one is a ewe and the spotted one is a ram lamb. 
Yesterday Luna had a cute little solid ewe lamb.

These two adorable little lambs were born today, on Valentines day.  Ebby did a very good job this year, both lambs are very colorful little buggars.  The black and white one is really awesome.  I'm very happy about that one - and it's a ewe lamb!  Score!!!!  Wahoo!!!!  The little red and white one is nice too, but it's a ram lamb.

I'll have to think up an appropriate Valentines day name for her.  She's a really nice flashy little lamb!

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