Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lambing Season Has Commenced

I had planned on going to a horse show today, (the second February BITS show) but one of my ewes had other plans for the day. We started lambing season as of today - Feb. 1st, right on the dot.

I noticed yesterday that this old girl was walking around muttering to herself... (one of the trademarks of an older experienced ewe that's lambed a lot, they will start talking to their lambs even before they've made an appearance into the world.) She wandered around for awhile this morning softly muttering to herself, and then layed down and spit out two beautiful healthy twin lambs.

The first one was a spotted ram lamb that is very strong and was standing and nursing the bag within 5 minutes. The second is a little brown ewe lamb that was VERY VOCAL when she came out. In fact, she was so loud that I thought that there might be something wrong with her, like the ewe stepped on her or something - she was a real screamer that sounded like a baby child! But she is fine and healthy - she's just a little "loud-mouthed girl". =:)

I'm interested to see what the rest of the flock will have this year. I used two of our spotted painted desert rams last fall to breed the ewes with, and there are about 20 more ewes to lamb out. Hopefully there will be lots of spotted lambs in this crop!

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