Thursday, August 25, 2016

Angry Birds!

Well, I wasn't expecting a surprise like this in our little backyard hummer paradise.... the plot has officially thickened! 

Now there are TWO male hummingbirds squabbling over the nectar feeder.  There's a tiny new male "outsider" that showed up this afternoon, and he's trying to muscle in on the resident males territory.  They had an epic skirmish at the feeder, and I was thrilled to have a front row seat for this tiny little micro event.  For me, it was even better than an MMA fight.  The two little farts were very quick to throw-down.  They started buzzing and dive-bombing each other fiercely, and there was some tiny little angry trash-talking chirps, and basically they got right up in each others faces to lay the smack down.  It lasted a grand total of about a minute and a half.  I wanted to make popcorn and grab a chair, but I thought I'd miss the whole damn thing if I even blinked the wrong way for a split second.....

The challengers.

The stare-down, followed by some brief trash-talk on who's feeder it actually belonged to.

Mid-skirmish.  They're both in this picture, but it was so quick the camera could only capture one of them.

The 10th round was still undecided...

But then there was a winner.  I have no idea if it's the original male that was here first, or if this is the challenger.

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