Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More 2009 Ride Photos

Coming across the finish line at Renegade Rendezvous in early July 2009. This was one of the toughest and most technically challenging rides that I've ever been to. We did a 50 miler that seemed to drag on forever. It was very hot - around 100+ degrees even in the shade at the top of the mountain. Also, the challenging elevation climbs and descents were taking a toll on many animals and people in the heat. Nettie isn't all that great of a mountain horse, so I was really proud of her for doing as well as she did. We came in 13th. There were a lot of people having trouble with heat stroke issues and keeping easy boots on their horses with the constant climbing and jutting rocks.
The start of Renegade. There is a "black hole" of a creek crossing at the immediate start of the race. The lady on the arab behind me couldn't get her horse to cross it, so we led the way. The one thing that I will say about my scrubby little horse, is that she never acts stupid or refuses to go through most stuff that other horses think is scary. When we were camped out the night before, Craig and I watched several people having trouble practicing crossing the creek. It was quite entertaining. Nothing like dinner with a show. =:)

1st Day of Klikitat Trek in June of 2009. My hard earned completion prize from the Prineville ride was out in full effect - (the blue rump rug). I kept telling myself I'd get a professionally made one eventually, and I finally had the chance to win one. Here we are starting out in the morning and heading to the trail head to warm up. We did two 30 milers in 2 days again, just like last year.

I braided Nettie's mane the night before when we arrived, and she was the "talk" of the camp. Everybody seemed to really like her russian mat, and we got lots of nice compliments at the vet checks and around the campfire. It was a good tactic to disipate the heat off her neck and make sponging a bit easier.

Headed out on our second loop on the 2nd day of Klikitat. We came in tenth the first day and second on the 2nd day. Craig bought me a handy sponge bag and a water bottle. What a good guy he is. He was my official photographer, and enjoyed watching re-runs of Seinfeld on the T.V. in the trailer while he waited. What a priceless fellow that I married...

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