Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ride Photos 2009

Warming up at Prineville 2009. What a great ride this was! I love the high desert country, and this race suited Nettie to a "T". We did a 50 miler at this one. The thing that I enjoy the most about the Prineville ride is that Cole Still has posted the trail with mile markers - to let riders know how far they have gone, and how far it is to the vet check. It's the only ride that I've ever been to that has this feature. You'll also notice that I've fashioned a home-made rump rug out of a little old saddle blanket that I pulled out of storage. (I will get my own professional one soon....) Craig bought me a new "used" endurance saddle for my birthday in December, and I'm happy as a clam snuggled into it. I also recieved a new lightweight sport helmet for Christmas from my parents, so no more of that heavy sweat-laden floral lid to deal with. Things are coming together....
The pastel colors of the desert in the morning are hard to beat, and the sweet smell of the sagebrush is intoxicating. I had a great time, and will definitely return to this ride in the future.

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