Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Ride Photos 2008

The Klikitat Trek ride in June 2008. Nettie and I did two 30 mile rides on both days. Nettie really enjoys the Klikitat rides, and we usually do fairly well there - being in the top ten most of the time. I'm still using my western saddle here, but have moved her into a little hackamore. Still got that silly helmet here too...
Vet check on the 1st day.

Talking with the ride hostess Marilyn Milestone before going out on the trail on the second day. What a fun lady Marilyn is - and she puts on a heck of a great ride! I borrowed one of the tack tent lady's professional rump rugs to use in the morning. It was an invaluable item to have on the ride. I realized later on that I absolutely had to have one of my own....
Two wonderful people that I met at Klikitat in 08' were Cathy Leddy of Cascade Gold Akhal Tekes and Wendy Connell. Cathy rode her highbred gelding Galen and Wendy was on her Nez Perce mare Alpowa. They rode together in the 50 miler on Saturday. I sat and chatted with both of them after they got back from their ride. It was nice to meet other Akhal Teke afficionados. =:)

Some other Teke folks that I met were Emery Rhodes and his friend Terry. Emery purchased two purebred geldings from Tito's ranch in Texas. I had seen them previously at the Home on The Range ride, but hadn't gotten a chance to meet them or talk to them there. At Klikitat I got to talk with them briefly. The horses were both very lovely, and Emery said that he spent a lot of time working with them on natural horsemanship training.

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