Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time To Start

The past week has been a good time to start another youngster - this time the teke/arab filly Suzette. These are some photos of our third ride. I began fiddling with our other colt Octopelle earlier in the year - but it has been off and on type of working. Just when I get ready to do some riding, there is inevitably something else that gets in the way and needs more serious attention. But, now this fall is a good time to spend some long hours in the saddle. I'm not as busy with projects, and the weather has been lovely - in the low 90's during the day. Perfect for getting outside and doing some stuff. Here is Suzette moving out in a nice relaxed trot. She has a nice "teke-like" way of going and her arab half makes her cute as a little bugs ear!
Learning to go left and right at the trot.
I really like this photo. Craig took it from a lower level, and boy does she ever look "teke-ish"! I've noticed that the purebreds and a lot of the half-breds tend to step up underneath themselves when they travel.

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