Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ride Photos 2008

Our first race at the Home On The Range ride in the spring of 2008. The weather near Moses Lake in early spring is very chilly, and the horses were fresh going to their first race of the season. Nettie and I did a 25 miler, and it was really wonderful for our first endurance experience. I hope that Gail can put this ride on again in the future.
Warming up and getting ready for the start. I didn't have an endurance saddle yet at the time, so I used my western saddle. I also didn't have a lightweight helmet yet either - so my thick old jumping lid with the bright floral covering had to work. I got more funny comments over that helmet...
Early spring winds..... The horses were getting over their winter whoolies and were rearing to go! Craig and I camped inside our trailer at night and felt like we were going to freeze to death. We were sleeping with with our clothes and coats on as well as a huge comforter on top, and awoke to a layer of frost on the ceiling of the trailer. It snowed just a little during the race too. It was really cold up there!
End of the race. I loosened the cinch and walked Nettie across the finish line. It was a great first ride. =:)

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